Formtech Composites specialise in the design, engineering & manufacture of lightweight composites structures & components.

Our expertise lies in collaborating with leading automotive, motorsport, military and aerospace partners, to continuously extend the boundaries in composite research, engineering, prototyping and serialised manufacture.

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Core Services

The scope of Formtech’s work varies from pure manufacturing to fully integrated solutions, combining Design, Finite Element Analysis, Manufacturing and R&D/Testing (including Ultrasonic and Acoustic Emission testing).

  • Automotive – Monocoques, Battery Trays, Bonnets, Doors
  • Motorsport – F1 Monocoques, Floors, Brake Ducts, Bodyworks, Heatshields
  • Military – Components for Armoured Vehicles
  • Aerospace – Wings, Propellers, Telescopes, Carbon Moulds

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