Case Study – Formula One Nosebox


The following case study was written for an article in a motorsports magazine and takes the reader through the typical stages of designing a nosebox for a Formula One car.

The nosebox is the part of the car that connects the monocoque to the front wing.  The nosebox has to take a number of loads: front wing loads of around 500 kg and the crash loads that it is subjected to in the FIA’s required homologation crash tests. Continue reading >>

Zephyr Records Ratified by the FAI

Further to our news post on QinetiQ’s Zephyr HALE UAV, we are pleased to announce that the Zephyr flight records have been ratified by the FAI:

  • Absolute duration record Unmanned – The longest flying UAV in the world (beating Global Hawk’s record by a factor of 11) at 336 hours 22 minutes 8 seconds
  • Class Record UAV (50-500kg) – Altitude: At a height of 21,562m (which is also 5,000ft higher than Global Hawk, albeit in a different category)
  • Class Record UAV (50-500kg) – Duration: As above

Formtech is Proud to be part of QinetiQ’s Zephyr HALE UAV Longest Un-Manned Flight Record

Photo A - QinetiQ UAV Zephyr - 2010 launch

Formtech Composites’ capability to offer the complete solution from design brief to production has taken a step into the UAV sector of aerospace with manufacturing support on the QinetiQ Zephyr project.

This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which operates within the HALE (High Altitude, Long Endurance) sector has successfully been launched at the US Army Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. Continue reading >>