Leading the way with lightweight structures

Formtech Composites Head Office
Formtech Composites specializes in the design and manufacturing of lightweight structures using fibre composite materials.

The company is based on Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK, in the heart of the so-called “Motorsports Valley” – home to the majority of Formula One Teams.  The business environment is driven by the performance-oriented F1 Team clientele, their fast pace and an infrastructure of qualified suppliers.

Our team


We have a highly skilled team of experienced composite designers, engineers and technicians managing engineering and production.  Production is led by a competent and professional core team of employees,  supported by a pool of selected contractors, acccording to project requirements.

The Company has more than 25 years of Formula One Intellectual Property (Arrows F1 and Super Aguri F1); including experience in Design, FEA data, Crash data, Manufacturing and Plybooks.

Our focus

Working on the Veritas Show Car

Working on the Veritas Show Car

Formtech Composites focuses on the following areas of business:

  • Composites Engineering: Design (including Tooling Design), Finite Element Analysis (used to guarantee the ‘viability’ of a solution) and R&D/Testing
  • Composites Manufacturing: Protoypes and Serial Production

With this background, we offer lightweight solutions for our customers, from Built-to-Print to fully integrated “one-stop-shop” solutions.  Manufacturing volume varies from small quantities for Formula One customers, to serial parts for Supersports car manufacturers, as well as other niche applications.

The Company currently focuses its efforts in the following market sectors:

  • Motorsport
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Aerospace